Joseph & Annie Vitosh Lounge

This room is located upstairs on the northeast corner and is full of windows.  The room is warm and inviting.  It happens to be the room where a few of the Vitosh descendants were born!  Twenty-six family members of Joseph (1866 – 1940) & Annie Vitosh combined to sponsor the Vitosh Room.  Joseph Vitosh came to America with his parents from Czechoslovakia in 1867 when he was just 14 months old.  He settled in the Odell area in 1885.  Joseph married Annie Kostal in 1892.  They had 7 children:  Rudolph, William, Charles, Harry, Joseph Jr., Mary & Clara.  This room is a ‘lounge’ where guests can come to sit on the mission style, channel back sofa and visit or watch television, or put a DVD movie in and relax, or just read.   The room can also be used as an attachment to one of the other bedrooms being rented as the sofa is also a full size hide-a-bed with a 7 inch mattress.  The room can be rented for $25.00 for a family of 3 or 4 that do not want to rent 2 bedrooms at $75.00 each.  The children, or a parent and child, could sleep in the Vitosh room and still have use of the bath area in the parents rented room.  The furniture and television in this room have been purchased in loving memory of Rose B. Vitosh and her son, Larry L. Vitosh.  On display is a scrap book of the story of Joseph coming to America and his family history.  There is also a collage display of his family pictures and it includes a picture of the ship the family sailed to America on.