John & Sarah Novotny  / Carol (Novotny) & Jay Schulz Room

The John & Sarah Novotny/Carol Novonty Schulz & Jay room is located upstairs on the south side of the building.  John and Sarah were the beginning instigators of the restoration of the Rice Hospital back in 2008.  Sarah saw the dilapidated building (Rice Hospital) and she could vision what it could and did become.  She then set out to get it done.  This project is “Sarah’s Dream” and is now a reality.  John is the main contractor for the project and has donated thousands of hours of his time to finish the project.  Sarah, however, didn’t get to see the finished product.  She passed away due to complications of ALS on February 5, 2012.  Her legacy lives on in the Rice Lodge & Conference Center.  This room is spacious and painted in Sarah’s color which is a soft green.  It has a queen size bed and a full, private bath.  John and Sarah have three children:  Joshua, Jessica, & Jordan, and three grand children:  Jacob, Jayna & Josephone.  Jay and Carol have two daughters and two grandsons.